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Day Trips from Rotterdam. Here's how to go from Rotterdam to ....


From 1 May till 31 Oktober take the Waterbus (line 202) from the Erasmus Bridge (right next to the spido) direct to Kinderdijk. Travel time 30 minutes.


During the winter season from monday to friday, take the Waterbus (line 20) from the Erasmus Bridge (Willemsplein) to Ridderkerk (de Schans) and there take the ferry (Driehoeksveer) to continue to Kinderdijk. Travel time about 45 Minutes.

Kinderdijk Excursion

The Efteling:

Take the train to Tilburg (train direction Eindhoven). The train takes 37 minutes. Then take bus 801 to the Efteling. The bus needs 20 minutes to arrive at the Efteling.

or in the weekends and Dutch holidays

Take the train to Breda (train direction Eindhoven). That takes about 23 minutes. The Efteling Express from Breda (bus 802) runs from the station without stopovers to the Efteling.

Delta Works:

The Delta Works are hard to reach with public transport. Better to book a tour or rend a car. The Delta Works has an exhibition centre called Deltapark Neeltje Jans (adress: Faelweg 5, 4354 RB, Vrouwenpolder). Travel time by car, 1 hour and 15 minutes. Take road N57 so you drive over the Storm Barriers.


The Keukenhof is only open from 21 March until 19 May 2019, in this period you can take the train to Leiden (direction Amsterdam) and then bus 854 to the Keukenhof.



With Waterbus (line 20) to Dordrecht. Then step over on Waterbus (line 23) in the direction of Sliedrecht for going to the Biesbosch. From the Waterbus stop it's 12 minutes walking or 3 minutes biking to the Biesbosch visitor center.

Hoek van Holland:

(Sounds as "Hook of Holland" but means corner of Holland)

Go to metro station Beurs (close to Maritiem Museum and Toerist Office in the center) and take metro line B to Hoek van Holland. The travel time is about 35 minutes. For now the metro stops at the port (haven) and it's 30 minutes walking to the beach or you can take bus 611.


Take te train from Rotterdam central station to Delft (train direction Den Haag or Amsterdam). The train takes less then 15 minutes. The train station is close to the centre and it takes 9 minutes walk to the city hall.



Take te train from Rotterdam central station to Gouda (train direction Utrecht). The train takes about 25 minutes and from there it's a 9 minutes walk to the centre.

The Hague / Scheveningen:

Take the metro line E to central station Den Haag. Travel time (40 Minutes).


Take te train from Rotterdam central station to Den Haag (train direction Den Haag or Amsterdam). The train takes about 30 minutes.

It's 15 minutes walk to the centre of The Hague or you can take tram line 9 from central station The Hague to Madurodam or Scheveningen.


Take te train from Rotterdam central station to Utrecht central station. The train takes about 37 minutes to Utrecht and then it's a 16 minutes walk to the center.


Netherlands Open Air Museum:

Take te train from Rotterdam to Arnhem central station and then bus number 8 (in the direction of Arnhem Presikhaafto) to Openluchtmuseum Oost or bus number 3 (direction Burgers' Zoo) to Openluchtmuseum West. Travel time is 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Take te train from Rotterdam central station to Amsterdam central station. The train takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Amsterdam and it's just a few minutes walk to the centre.


Tram line 21 or 24 (direction Woudhoek or Holy) from Rotterdam centre (Cityhall or Central Station) to the Koemarkt in Schiedam. Travel time 20 minutes.


Disneyland Paris:

Thalys has a direct train connection from Rotterdam central station to Disneyland Paris. The traveltime with the Thalys is 3 hours. Make a reservation.

Highspeed train connections:

Rotterdam has highspeed train connections with Brussel (1,5 hour), Paris (2,5 hour) and Londen (3,5 hour).

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